Kaz Tek Invest has been operating since 2012. Our plant under the TEKMETAL brand specializes in the serial production of metal products for various purposes from piece to mass production.

For almost a decade of operation, the plant has accumulated vast experience in the implementation of hundreds of large-scale projects and the production of various metal products.

To date, the plant has become a home for more than 100 specialists from various industries. From welders and assemblers of steel structures to designers and engineers. This is facilitated by a socially oriented personnel policy of the plant. Continuous improvement of working conditions, workplace safety, advanced training of workers are one of the priorities in the development of the plant. All metal products are manufactured at our own production facilities, and the presence of highly qualified specialists guarantees quality, low cost and short production times.

The main technological operations used us in the manufacture of metal products.
  • Cutting and cutting metal with various tools and machines;
  • Sheet metal punching;
  • Bending, pressing and profiling of rolled metal with a hydraulic sheet bender, which allows to obtain bulk products of a certain size and shape;
  • Giving a metal sheet a conical or cylindrical shape;
  • Metal welding on semi-automatic welding, electrode welding, argon-arc welding, contact welding, etc.;
  • Production of molds and products from thermoplastics injection molding method;
  • Powder and enamel painting with subsequent hot drying;
  • We provide services for assembly, packaging, packaging, manual work, storage in warehouses, acceptance and shipment of goods;

Our advantages

Our company is trying to be a leader, offering products (services) of such a range, price and quality, in which our Partners (Buyers) will be provided with the best quality goods made on the most modern equipment using innovative technologies.

  • Professional staff
  • Guarantee for all products
  • Strict control over the consumption of materials and the quality of products
  • Reliable partners
  • Individual approach to each client
  • Round the clock production
  • Short reasonable terms of production
  • Discounts depending on the volume of the order